Case study: Benefits and supporting tenants

Christine Fowler, Financial Inclusion Officer supported Joy and Stephen Bennett when Stephen was rushed into hospital on Christmas Eve 2016. He brought the money in to the household but was in hospital for three weeks so could not work. Joy also had to spend £15 a day to travel to see Stephen in hospital – she had to use her savings to do this.

They were not aware that they were entitled to claim any benefits or the support Ongo could offer. Someone recommended that contact Ongo to see what they could do to help.

Joy went along to a drop in session in Brigg which is when she met Christine, a financial inclusion officer at Ongo. Joy described Christine as extremely supportive and took away all the worry she was having.

Christine provided her with all the information she needed and also spent time explaining which benefits they would be entitled to.  That wasn’t all though, Christine also went on to visit the couple at home, to check they were ok and to see if they needed any other support.

Within two weeks of the initial meeting, they were receiving benefits with more financial help promised. They now receive £114 a week in welfare benefits that they did not know they were entitled to.

Joy said that, “Christine is a lovely person and she and Ongo really helped us at a time we needed it most.”

Ongo has helped over 850 families over the last year, supporting them to receive almost £1.5million in additional benefits.